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Exploring the intricacies of drug discovery, our lab excels in chemical synthesis and Central Nervous System (CNS) therapeutics, delivering comprehensive solutions that evolve small molecules concepts into preclinical breakthroughs

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Our Passion for Chemical Synthesis:
Your Ally in Life Sciences

At Kortexia Synthesis, we are the architects of custom synthesis. Our commitment to excellence drives us to provide high-quality chemical synthesis services, adapted to the specific needs of players in biotechnology, the pharmaceutical sector, as well as academic and industrial scientific research organizations. We are dedicated to enriching research and innovation by delivering customized solutions that propel the life sciences to new heights.

Learn about our company’s pioneering initiatives in custom synthesis, bringing life sciences to new frontiers through personalized solutions and a commitment to excellence.

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Our mission

“At Kortexia Synthesis, we explore all facets of organic chemistry to create innovative bioactive compounds, particularly in the field of CNS drug discovery. Our ‘deep-tech’ approach in the design and optimization of experimental therapeutic molecules, combined with the use of cheminformatics and artificial intelligence, enables us to accelerate our clients’ R&D and thus facilitate access to new medicines.”
Gilles Galvani
PhD - Co Founder & CEO


Synthetic Organic

Synthesis of compounds-focused series, drug candidates, building blocks, common intermediates, reference standards, impurities, metabolites.
Optimization and search for the most cost- and time-efficient synthetic route. Streamlining the synthesis process, saving you time and resources.
Methodological research to feed artificial intelligence tools, keeping you at the forefront of technology and ensuring we deliver the most advanced solutions.
Scale-up of intermediates and final compounds, capable of producing up to multiple grams. Ensuring a smooth transition from lab-scale to larger quantities.
Property-based drug design reasoning to test your discovery program's therapeutic hypothesis and achieve the target product profile of your intended drug.
Study of the synthetic viability of potential hit/lead compounds generated from artificial intelligence algorithms, while anticipating their druggability.
Development of innovative modulator portfolios for CNS therapeutic targets, intended to serve as advanced biological tools and selective ligands.
Providing R&D consultancy to support your hit and lead discovery & research activities. Helping you optimize your drug development strategies.
Chemistry lab
Conventional organic chemistry / Microwave assisted chemistry / Organometallic chemistry / Multi-step synthesis / Chromatography purification / Distillation.
Access to analytical platforms for : Spectrometry (NMR, Mass and IR) / Chromatography (HPLC, GC, SFC) / X-Ray crystallography / Molecular Modeling & Docking.
Access to literature & chemical compounds databases, helping us to quickly take decisions to solve your R&D challenges (relevant literature, synthesis strategies, patentability).
Implementation of collaborative studies, e.g. for AI-based programs or formulation studies. Ability to work with external partners to carry out transversal projects.